Andrew Lane Co. is delighted to provide dedicated access for our customers to the entire Slabbinck Catalog. Hand-crafted in Bruges for over 115 years, Slabbinck sets a standard of excellence through it's craftsmanship.

Four generations deep and more than 115 years of moving ahead. Hendrik Slabbinck started his first workshop in Bruges in 1903. Slabbinck has remained a family-operated business since the beginning. The fourth generation continues to serve the Liturgy with attention to quality, originality and aesthetics.

Lace, hand-embroidery, tapestries and other fine textiles such as linen and finely woven wool is part of the cultural heritage of Flanders. As early as the 15th century, traders flocked to Bruges to buy these treasures which were in demand throughout Europe. Today, Slabbinck products are in demand throughout the world


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