106N Indigo Parament Set

106N Indigo Parament Set

  • $661.25

Indigo Parament Set

Possible Items Include:

  • Preaching Stole
  • Frontal and Superfrontal

    Preaching Stole - Preaching stoles are shorter and narrower than standard priest overlay stoles. They taper around the neck from approximately 2 1/2" wide to 4 1/2" wide at the bottom. They measure approximately 49" long from back of neck. Stoles can be adorned with either our own custom handmade appliques or our speciality tapestries. They can be made with or without tassel or fringe. Not every applique design is available due to the limited width of the stole.

    Frontals - Frontal Dimensions: a=0", b=84", c=12". Superfrontal Dimensions: a=30", b=84", c=12", d=4".

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