Artistic Silver 2995 Chalice and Paten - Gothic

Artistic Silver 2995 Chalice and Paten - Gothic

  • $7,195.00

Our silversmiths combine elegant design and pure craftsmanship to create chalices of renowned quality that will last a lifetime and that are worthy of the celebration of the Liturgy. When selecting an artistically built chalice you are contributing to the development and maintenance of the fine art of the liturgical silversmith, a profession intimately linked to the origins of the Christian religion which has enriched the western civilization since immemorial times. In this catalogue, you will find the broadest selection of chalices available in the industry that will enable you to make your important decision. Under special request, many can be modified with countless options to make sure we meet your specific needs. We also specialize in creating bespoke chalices of the highest quality for our customers from scratch.

The Gothic period represents the zenith of the Western cultural process. During the 12th century the flourishing of the cities develops this style that faithfully represents the ideal of a free citizen. The artist acquires full independence. More slender and stylized forms give a more spiritual and closer vision of God. Many of the chalices in this collection have been newly designed specifically for this catalogue, reassuring once again our tribute to this great classic style.

Handsome design that boasts unparalleled originality. Deep embossing and chiselling work on base, node and outer cup with a base of unique design due to its mulitple levelled and lobed base. One of a kind piece with our proven quality.

Includes 6 1/4" scale paten with ring.