Artistic Silver 4109 Tassilo Tabernacle

Artistic Silver 4109 Tassilo Tabernacle

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The origin of this famous chalice can be traced back to the Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria, Germany,VIII Century. It is one of the most important treasures of this era even though it was not known of until the XI or XII Century. It is the symbol of the wedding between the Duke Tassilo III, from the Agilolfing dynasty that governed Bavaria and Liutpirc, the daughter of the Lombardian King Desiderius, and was presented by them in 777 to the Monastery of Kremsm?nster (Germany) where it is still preserved today.

The only modification to this original chalice is the fact that the wording on the base from the original Tassilo chalice (+ TASSILO DVX FORTIS + LIUTPIRC VIRGA REGALIS +) has been changed to the Latin text PER IPSUM CUM IPSO IN IPSO + meaning FOR HIM WITH HIM IN HIM +, of important meaning in liturgy, thus making our version more appropriate for its use in a liturgical catholic service. Our chalice is also slightly smaller in size, making it easier to use during the services than the original of considerably larger dimensions. The design and style of the figures present on our chalice are sensibly more refined and symmetrical than those of the original, of a more primitive design.

Delicate chest-type tabernacle, with filigree celtic ornamentation matching our "Tassilo" chalice. Rich ornamented interior in 24 karat Gold Plate. Available with fire enamel panels at an additional cost. Please call to order.

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