Artistic Silver 4123 Renaissance Tabernacle

Artistic Silver 4123 Renaissance Tabernacle

  • $55,995.00

Exquisite design, featuring rich deep relief ornamentation, adorned with fire enamel panels on interior chamber. The inner door is a glass door with ornamented goldplated frame and lock. The inner chamber carries a revolving plateform with a central panel fully ornamented with delicated fire enamelled panels showing "The Resurrection" and "The Ascension" scenes on each side.

Our tabernacles are built with the objective of magnifying the Altar and its surrounding space in which the tabernacle plays a key role: housing the ciborium which contains the Body of Christ. No expense is spared when building these works of art. The attention to detail on each one of them has no equal, resulting in a top quality piece that inspires devotion. The same degree of perfection is achieved on the inside, always immaculately finished in 24 karat gold plate. All our tabernacles can be modified to the customer's requests. Custom chiselling and embossing jobs to represent different scenes as well as custom fire enamel doors are always available upon request.

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