Artistic Silver 7290 St. Remy Monstrance

Artistic Silver 7290 St. Remy Monstrance

  • $22,495.00

Our silversmiths combine elegant design and pure craftsmanship to create chalices of renowned quality that will last a lifetime and that are worthy of the celebration of the Liturgy. When selecting an artistically built chalice you are contributing to the development and maintenance of the fine art of the liturgical silversmith, a profession intimately linked to the origins of the Christian religion which has enriched the western civilization since immemorial times. In this catalogue, you will find the broadest selection of chalices available in the industry that will enable you to make your important decision. Under special request, many can be modified with countless options to make sure we meet your specific needs. We also specialize in creating bespoke chalices of the highest quality for our customers from scratch.

The sacred vessels presented in this collection are a faithful testimony of the sheer artistic quality developed by our master silversmiths throughout their life. Most are the result of our designers? creativity and some are replicas of Christianity?s historic chalices. In all of them, only the purest craftsmen?s techniques transmitted from the Medieval Ages such as embossing, hand engraving or fire enameling have been applied resulting in real works of art.

Widely known as the ?St. Remy?, the chalice of St. Remigius is probably the most beautiful and treasured symbol of a Christian sacred vessel. Its sheer beauty, magnificent craftsmanship and interesting history make it a legend in its own right.

St. Remigius, Apostle of the Franks and Archbishop of Reims, France, during the 6th Century was a very influential man who converted the Franks to Christianity. The Franks had been mainly warriors until then and had robbed or destroyed many of the sacred vessels of the Churches of the era. It is said that, after the Franks converted to Christianity, the chalice of St. Remigius was cut from the gold of the celebrated vase of the Church of Soissons, previously broken by a soldier of Clovis, King of the Franks, as a gesture of regret. The St. Remy chalice has been preciously kept since then in the treasury of the Cathedral of Reims, being even used by the Kings of France to communicate under the species of wine at the end of the Coronation ceremonies.

This beautiful monstrance, which matches the St. Remy chalice, is one of the finest examples of the expert craftsmanship of our silversmiths. Made in 925 sterling silver or brass 24K gold plate, with cloisonne fire enamel in the cross, node, and base, it is set with 40 genuine stones (Amethysts, Lapis Lazuli, Green Venturines, and Garnets).