Beau Veste BUNTING-BK Black Bunting

Beau Veste BUNTING-BK Black Bunting

  • $121.00

Upon the death of the Holy Father, parishes all over the world will be invited to participate in mourning by draping black bunting on the doors of the churches. After the election of the new pope, the black bunting will be replaced by white and gold bunting.

?Door Size Length of Bunting? ?Price
?6'-7' ?60" x 8 Yards ?See Below
?8'-10' ?60" x 10 Yards ?See Below
?10'-12' ?60" x?12 Yards ?See Below
?12'-15' ?60" x?15 Yards ?See Below

Black and white/gold bunting sold separately. Bunting is made of a durable and weatherproof nylon.

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