C68154A Cope - Tapestry of Life

C68154A Cope - Tapestry of Life

  • $1,092.50

Tapestry of Life Custom Processional Canopy Set.

This tapestry tells the story of a Great Year of Jubilee. It is a time of starting fresh and of new beginnings, a time for repentance and unity. This tapestry is a reminder to pray for the people of the world; not only for their sins, but also for unity among all believers. Let the symbolism in this tapestry be a constant reminder of God's unconditional love for His people, the sacrifices made, and the countless blessings we obtain in communion with Him. The story starts with the sin of man, the sorrow it brought to others and to God. This is depicted in the representation of the thistle. The story appears beyond hope; however, the hand of God is still very much in control of the events in this world as well as our lives. His love, together with our faith, will bring us peace, represented by the olive branch. The only true way to receive that peace is to know the depth of God's love for us. He sent His only Son to give His life for us. Grapes symbolize the blood Christ shed for us. The chalice and host, serve as a reminder of His body broken and sacrificed for us, celebrated in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

The dove is the Holy Spirit, a gift from the Father given to guide us in our daily walk with Him. We are baptized not only in His life-giving waters but also in the cleansing flames of the Spirit, which confirm His presence is with us.

God's Hands embrace the world in love, giving the people another chance to be gathered unto Him like wheat that will be harvested in His proper time. The fish remind us that we are all to be fishers of men gathering many to come with us on our pilgrimage of life. The rose with its thorns, and the cross, are continual reminders of the beauty and suffering of Christ. We now see Christ as our King, wearing the kingly crown He so deserves. Struggles in life unite us and make us stronger by sharing our strengths with others in times of weakness. To sustain that strength we look to the Trinity, which supports us in perfect unity as symbolized in the clover.

Let us then together weave our lives as one. That we may all be a part of God's master plan revealing His vision of the "Tapestry of Life?"

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