Ziegler Candle Assist in Polished or Satin Finish with variety of sizes

  • $81.60

Ziegler Candle Assist Fits Candles 2-1/2" to 5". Light weight and economical, this Assist comes with a High Polished or Satin finish and is lacquered for protection. Provides a steady and even burn for your candles. To select the correct size of a Burner, Follower or Assist, determine the diameter of the candle to be used. Use the dropdown menu below to make your size selection. Proper care of a Burner, Follower or Assist: Keep clean - immerse in warm water and wipe with soft cloth Always remove any accumulated wax Avoid using abrasive cleaners which can harm the finish Proper fitted Burner, Follower or Assist on candles will insure maximum burning time